Mimi’s Marseille City Guide

Aramide, a.k.a Mimi, is both a pure London girl and a true Marseillaise! Born and raised in London, Mimi is the Pro-Consul at the British Consulate. She moved to Marseille eight years ago, where she now raises her two Marseillais kids. Our London gal is excitedly looking forward to seeing British tourists visiting the city, thanks to the new direct Eurostar line that will connect London to Marseille (in 6.5 hours only!) starting from the 1st May 2015. She shared her favorite Marseille spots and venues with us—a collection of lovely and authentic places, from parks and restaurants to bars and party cruises!

A Typical Marseillais Restaurant
Chez Fonfon 
at the Vallon des Auffes. I love this restaurant for its authenticity. It is your typical Marseillais restaurant where the food is known for its Provençal specialties such as the bouillabaisse and other great fish dishes. It is set in a bespoke area of Marseille that only a true Marseillais could know about, which is an added bonus.

Chez Fonfon Vallon des Auffes Marseille City guide in english

A Bike Tour
I cycle whenever I can from Callelongue to Vieux-Port and I absolutely love it! I take the littoral where the view of the Mediterranean Sea is amazing and sometimes if I cycle at the right time of the day, I can watch the sun go down which is a highlight.

Marseille City guide in english

Lunch Time at the Vieux-Port
The Bar Bu is a great hangout on a sunny saturday or sunday afternoon. All the guys working there have beards (hence the name Barbu) and are delicious to look at! But the hamburgers are even better! My favorite dish would be the Marseille version of our traditional Fish & Chips. Take my word for it, the mushy pea sauce is to die for!

If You Have A Sweet Tooth
There are two places I would highly suggest because, as far as I am concerned, both are the best pâtisseries not only in Marseille, but in France! If you don’t believe me, then try them out and get back to me!
Sylvain Depuichaffray is refined, classy, chic and absolutely delicious. Not pompous or over the top like some French pâtissiers can be. His pâtisserie is one of the most popular spots in Marseille. Say the name Depuichaffray and everyone knows who you are talking about!
Minoofi and their cupcakes are to die for! The owner of Minoofi is Canadian-Iraqi but lived in the UK ans speaks English with a transatlantic accent. I love her cakes because they have the right dose of sweet toothery! The cakes are again classy, refined and beautiful to look at. The deco is really cute too and a great place to hang out if you are looking to satisfy you sugar craving while in Marseille.

Best View in Marseille
Parc Valmer is a park well-hidden on the Corniche. Take along a picnic hamper and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean from the heights of Parc Valmer.

Marseille City guide in english parc valmer

Fancy an Ice-Cream
Go to the Panier, one of the oldest parts of Marseille that is worth visiting because of its side streets that take you back in time to what Marseille was really about. I love this part of Marseille because it is real. When you have finished dreaming, stop by Glacier du Roi, place de Lenche, and have a homemade ice-cream (beurre caramel de préférence) on me!

To Get Your Groove On
For a good night out and to get your groove on, I would go to La Musicale at R2 Rooftop or sign up with Collective Borderline for a night cruise of dancing, nothing but dancing aboard. Both are trendy hotspots where only the cool and hip Marseillais would deign to set foot in!

Marseille City guide in english

Chez Fonfon – 140 Rue du Vallon des Auffes, 13007 Marseille
To go to Callelongue – Take the road from the district of Pointe Rouge toward the « Madrague de Montredon  » and follow the road to the « Goudes » and continue to the end.
Bar Bu – 8 Rue Euthymenes, 13001 Marseille
Sylvain Depuichaffray – 66 rue Grignan 13001 Marseille
Minoofi – 104 rue Paradis 13006 Marseille
Parc Valmer – 271 Corniche Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 13007 Marseille
Glacier du Roi – 4 Place de Lenche, 13002 Marseille
R2 Rooftop – Terrasses du Port, 9 Quai du Lazaret 13002 Marseille
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