Marseille City guide in english

Marseille’s Best Rooftop Bars & Pubs

Dear tourist, are you looking to find out about the nicest places to hang out in Marseille? Here’s our selection of the best rooftop bars and pubs in the city!

  • At La Joliette

The Rooftop R2 Marseille with Panoramic Sea View

R2 Marseille rooftop terrasses du port
Enjoy an after-work drink while the sun goes to down into the sea and musicians or Djs play chill music on the R2 Marseille rooftop. Located in « Les Terrasses du Port », the brand new shopping centre, this rooftop bar offers a weekly programme : a Banquet Moderne on Thursdays (with guest restaurant chefs and famous Djs), La Musicale on Fridays (a Soul Cabaret Party inspired by the Soul Train TV Show, Rock’n’roll is not Dead, French Clubbing or a concert of a headliner artist), Les Hauts Paradis on Saturday evenings and Les Jardins Suspendus for a lazy Sunday of House music.

R2 Marseille – Thursday to sunday – Terrasses du Port, 9 Quai du Lazaret 13002 Marseille

The White Rabbit

White Rabbit Marseille city guide
Between the MuCEM and the Terrasses du Port, the White Rabbit bar and its terrace on the Quai de la Joliette is the perfect spot to have a Brooklyn Lager or a good whiskey. Owned by two bikers, this nicely decorated bar welcomes everybody! 

  • At Notre Dame du Mont

The Dame Noir

Dame noir city guide in english marseille
Since its opening in 2009, La Dame Noir has quickly become one of the major venues in Marseille. Dim and sophisticatedly decorated, this tiny bar has made its reputation from the local musicians and internationally famous Djs that come here to play. It’s no surprise that La Dame Noir also doubles as a record label, and it’s no wonder either that the place never empties!
La Dame Noir, 30 Place Notre Dame du Mont 13006 Marseille

  • In Endoume

The Duke Bistrot Moderne

the duke bistrot moderne Marseille Best bar City guide in english
What do you get when a long-bearded dj becomes the owner of an old neighbourhood bar in Marseille? Flaming cocktails, rock’n’roll or soul music, a kickass jukebox, and good dishes of course! The Duke truly is the unofficial clubhouse of the real bar lovers in Marseille.
Le Duke Bistrot Moderne, 59 rue d’Endoume 13007 Marseille

Café de l’Abbaye Saint-Victor

Café de l'abbaye marseille city guide
Located near the touristic spot « Le Four à Navettes » and the Abbaye of Saint Victor, the Café de l’Abbaye is a very popular bar in the middle of the road overlooking the Vieux-Port. While lazing on the terrace of the Café de l’Abbaye, we suggest you enjoy a typical Pastis 51 with a dish of Panisses, and if you do it just before nightfall it’ll be even better!

Café de l’Abbaye, 3 rue d’Endoume 13007 Marseille

Fietje Beer’s Bar

Bar Fietje marseille city guide
What is your favourite brand of beer? Don’t worry, you will find it at the Fietje Bar, a refined and friendly bar run by Vannessa, which offers a wide selection of beers!
Fietje Bar – 143 rue Sainte, 13007 Marseille

  •  At La Friche Belle de Mai

Friche Belle de Mai Rooftop

There’s no place like the Friche Belle de Mai in Marseille. Located in an old tobacco wasteland in the neighborhood of La Belle de Mai, it gathers in a single location a museum, a concert hall, a theater, a restaurant and a huge rooftop with a superb view of the city.
Friche la Belle de Mai – 41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseille