MuCEM walk brunch Marseille city guide in english

3 Walks & Brunches in Marseille

Whether you first go for brunch, then go on a walk, or do it the other way around, there’s no doubt these two activities make up the perfect Sunday combo to enjoy your stay in a beautiful city. Here’s our selection of the top 3 Sunday brunches & walks in Marseille!

The panoramic view of the bay of Marseille
rowing club marseille brunch restaurant
At the end of the Vieux-Port, one of the best views of the sea is from the Jardin du Pharo. Start your walk under Norman Forster’s « Ombrière » and continue straight along the Quai Rive Neuve all the way to the « Jardin du Pharo » garden which surrounds the Palais du Pharo. Before taking a nap under the trees, you should have brunch at the « Rowing Club » restaurant, where you will find a panoramic view of the bay of Marseille and a quality buffet with pancakes, crêpes, pastries, yoghurts, club sandwiches, bagels, burgers, a variety of meats and cheeses, salad bar, hot dishes …

Rowing Club 34 Boulevard Charles Livon 13007 Marseille (25 €)
Jardin du Pharo, Bouevard Charles Livon 13007 Marseille

Between the MuCEM and the oldest part of Marseille, the Panier
After visiting the iconic MuCEM museum, you can explore the oldest part of Marseille,  Le Panier. Take the long walkway connecting the museum and the Panier and keep walking straight to the Place de Lenche. You will see a nice area with restaurants and a brewery. If you’re craving bagels, cronuts and fresh juice, go to Dunk without hesitation. You will be very well received by Mimi, the Canadian girl who runs the place. And if you’d rather eat something more elaborate, you can head to Schilling, a fish restaurant with an excellent Scottish chef, Malcolm.

MuCEM – 7 Promenade Robert Laffont 13002 Marseille
Schilling – 37 rue de la Caisserie 13002 Marseille
Dunk – 4 rue Saint-Thomé 13002 Marseille 

Street art and a return to your childhood
Marengo Marseille
The Marengo’s brunch sends you back to your childhood days! The Marengo is a crazily decorated restaurant in Notre Dame du Mont (near the Cours Julien), the area of Marseille known for its street art and laid back atmosphere. This brunch does not offer a buffet, instead guests are served at will (like your grandmother would do!). Scrambled eggs with bacon, Hachis Parmentier, pancakes, French toast, waffles… Not to mention totally regressive fluffy desserts like the Chocobon cake or the Smarties flan, all presented in a large sharing plates and served with hot drinks and a fresh juices or smoothies.

Le Marengo – 1 rue Marengo 13006 Marseille (18€)